Kühne Foundation

CK-CARE – a program of the Kühne Foundation

Prof. Dr. h.c. Klaus-Michael Kühne is the sole donor of the non-profit Kühne Foundation based in Schindellegi, which was founded by the Kühne family in 1976.

The main purpose of the support provided by the foundation is to promote training and further education in the areas of transport and logistics.

In addition, the Kühne Foundation supports projects and enterprises in humanitarian, social, medical and cultural spheres. In past years, in addition to its main purpose, the Kühne Foundation has increasingly focused on the sponsorship of cultural projects and is now greatly expanding its support for funded projects in the area of medicine as well.

By funding and setting up CK-CARE, the Kühne Foundation is making it clear how important advancement in the area of medicine is to the foundation, thereby underlining its focus on supporting allergy research.