Prediction of symptoms and therapeutic progression

The CK-CARE database and biobank makes it possible to identify allergy/neurodermatitis sub-groups in the combination of microbial signatures and biomarkers in the skin and blood and to connect these to successful or failed treatments. This means that simply by taking a smear of the skin and looking at the corresponding microbial signature, it is possible to predict whether the neurodermatitis medication will have a lasting effect before starting a course of treatment. Our hypothesis that sub-groups of neurodermatitis can be defined solely by the molecular- immunological/microbial signatures of the apparently healthy skin of people with neurodermatitis offers the advantage that disease sub-groups can be clearly identified even in the asymptomatic period and that there is no need to wait for a relapse of neurodermatitis. Overall, this scientific, translational approach allows us to create a customised treatment plan for patients.