Content and aim of Website
CK-CARE aims to remedy deficiencies in the diagnosis of allergic diseases but also in terms of management, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients with allergic conditions by means of research and education. The target audience of this website are physicians or qualified healthcare professionals. The goal of the information provided on this website is to transfer knowledge on allergies to such medical specialists. Mainly consolidated information and data are provided on this website and do not replace in any way consultation or advice of medical specialists.

No warranty
All information has been created with due diligence. Nevertheless, timeliness, correctness, completeness, or quality of provided information and data cannot entirely be guaranteed. It is possible that the website contains mistakes that have not yet been corrected. CK-CARE in no way concludes a contract with the users of this website. The information provided on our website does not replace professional advice or medical assessment. Nor can CK-CARE in any way be held liable for direct or indirect damages that occurred from the application of the information published on these sites.

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The user agrees to visit this website at his own risk. We cannot guarantee that our website functions at any time without interruptions and without fault. CK-CARE cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages that occurred from the use of these sites.

No warranty for data transfer
Generally, data and files are transferred without encryption. Therefore, it cannot be excluded that files could be seen by third parties.

CK-CARE, at times may link to websites of third parties whose content is not under CK-CARE’s control. CK-CARE cannot warrant such sites nor can it check the sites’ accuracy. The respective provider or licensee is liable for the content and accuracy of such external links.

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Data protection
CK-CARE complies with the Swiss Data Protection law. In particular, CK-CARE does not provide or otherwise disclose any personal data to third parties. Our data protection is consistent with current technical standards and data is protected by password systems and firewalls. CK-CARE cannot accept liability for the loss, misuse, or modification of personal or commercial data (names, addresses, email addresses) that can be entered on some of our sites. The utilization by third parties of contact addresses, such as postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers, as well as email addresses contained in the imprint and other similar published data in order to transfer information that has not explicitly been requested is not allowed.