Main research topics

Deciphering the interaction between the immune system and the microbiome, and better understanding treating, and preventing various allergies

Through the increased concentration of effort, continued focus on patient-related projects, and the resultant increased translation of results from research into practice, CK-CARE can make even more comprehensive and effective contributions to the well-being of patients with neurodermatitis and allergies.

In this context, CK-CARE focuses on the issues listed below. These are strongly focused on the database and biobank, clinical research and direct benefits to patients:

  • Investigation of the microbiome and its interaction with the immune system in order to draw conclusions and determine treatment options for the individual patient. The focus here is on the restoration and sustainable stabilisation of the disturbed barrier formed by the skin and mucous membranes. Our hypothesis is that through effective therapy and allergy prevention, the advance of the ‘atopic march’, and therefore the development of allergies, can be reduced and even stopped.
  • The detection of disorders of the barrier function and immune regulation, as well as of the skin’s dendritic cells, with the aim of better understanding neurodermatitis on a molecular level and therefore being able to actively influence treatment. To this end, we are studying the relationships between substances and immune markers, heredity and metabolism, using a targeted and comprehensive approach with the very latest technologies.
  • The recognition, understanding, and treatment of neurodermatitis as a systemic disease.
  • The targeted study of the impact of nutrition in infants, as well as patients of all ages. Nutrition is analysed as a potential trigger in the register, and used as a tool for prevention in intervention studies.