Global Allergy Forum

Davos, Switzerland

In order to reflect upon the state of the art, to recognize and discuss current problems, challenges and chances, CK-CARE started the biannual meeting “Global Allergy Forum” in 2011. Opinion leaders from all over the world can meet and exchange their ideas in an open and friendly environment in the sense of “Club of Rome” of allergy. These meetings have been devoted to different aspects of the wide field of allergy.

The outcomes and final conclusions of the meeting have been published as “Davos Declaration” in the journal “Allergy” (European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology).

Davos Declaration 2015 «Atopic dermatitis/Eczema: challenges and opportunities toward precision medicine»

Davos Declaration 2013 «Allergy: Barriers to cure – challenges and actions to be taken»

Davos Declaration 2011 «Allergy as a global problem»

Das Stifterehepaar, Christine Kühne und Klaus-Michael Kühne mit den Teilnehmern des 3. CK-CARE GLOBAL ALLERGY FORUM DAVOS 2015.